Ruby Rockets a Healthy Summer Treat

Year around my children enjoy popsicles, even my husband! With the summer in full swing we’ve been trying experimenting with different freezer treats. From making our own to buying and sampling new products on the market – were all about finding summertime treat for the entire family. A healthy one without all of the extra sugar is bonus! These are difficult to find on the market.

When Ruby Rockets asked my family to give their red, orange and green popsicles a lick we quickly agreed! I loved to hear that the company was founded by a mom who wanted to create a healthy frozen treat for her little one and bring them to the market for everyone. Like I said, they’re hard to find.

Ruby Rockets are made of 70% organic fruits and vegetables and they have no added sweeteners, artificial flavorings, colors or fillers. Only 4 grams of naturally occurring sugar and their non-GMO – indeed a healthy treat! If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to a traditional Popsicl I highly suggest giving Ruby Rockets a lick!

Let’s talk taste. They’re not exactly what your little one might be used to if they’re eating the sugar filled pops that are neon green. Let me just be straight up honest with you about this. Ruby Rockets are sweet but not as sweet as conventional popsicles, which at first caused my kids to turn up their noses. In addition, both of my kids can read so when they saw spinach and carrots they immediately said, “GROSS!” Had I known better I would have hidden the packaging (though it is adorable)!

Once we got over the hump of the Ruby Rockets being made of vegetables and the children realizing it was a Ruby Rocket or regular ol’ banana for a snack, they enjoyed them. My son especially liked the Orbit Orange. My

Ruby Rockets  a Healthy Summertime Treat
Photo Credit: Ruby Rockets

children are older so it’s hard to sneak things by them but I’ve personally tried each flavor and liked them. Again, they’re not overly sweet like traditional popsicles so don’t be surprised but they’re very tasty. If I had a teething toddler or preschooler, I think they’d accept the popsicle like any other and graciously. My older kids were more skeptical but overall they gave them healthy thumbs up.

Find a store near you or order them online. They even offer a $1.00 off coupon!

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