Tuesday’s shout out this week is going to Safe Mama! I just adore their calming blue, adorable site that is chalked full of cheat sheets, updated guides and terrific reviews that tell it like it is. The website gives you up to date information on product reviews, ways to save money on eco-friendly products, easy shopping links and a glossary for all those hard to pronounce words.

kathy-smI’ve been a huge fan of the founder Kathy and love how she has been inspired to bring the research and knowledge to readers because it is something she is already doing for her own children. The desire to share information with other parents and make a difference is really top notch. Kathy also is the Author of Girls Guide to Blogging Moxie and Moxie Design Studios – two of the first sources I looked to when I began blogging. Kathy sounds like me, overworked and a yes mama that has many roles! Wait, she sounds like lots of parents I know!

So hats off to Safe Mama! Visit the website today and start downloading the free cheat sheets on safer bug repellent or BPA free bottles and sippy cups! Kathy has it all and if she doesn’t have it I’m sure she will soon enough!

Why not? Great tips for free!

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