It’s winter and those nasty cold days can lead to hours of indoor fun. We are helping to promote a project that will lead to family fun, creativity and give you the opportunity to teach your kids about engaging in the process of government and the health and safety of their future. Safer Chemicals Healthy Families is having an art contest and asking families to make art that shows what a healthy future means to American Families. You can paint, draw or even photograph your vision. For example your little one might draw a picture of their favorite lake, bird, tree, etc. and just think your little one’s picture will get sent directly to your local Senate’s Office. The purpose is to “draw” attention to the Safer Chemical Act and you and your families stance on the healthy and safety of their future.

If you really want to get involved you can even host a “playdate” to make and/or hand deliver art to your local Senator’s office. If you need help with logistics and plans just email LindsayDahl@SaferChemicals.org and she will get you all set up.

Here are the details:

Who: Three age categories: 5 and under, 6-12 and 13-18

When: Art submissions will be collected until February 29th, 2012

What: Kids of all ages get to make art describing what a healthy future for our families and environment means to them.

Artwork will be delivered to your Senator asking them to support the Safe Chemicals Act! Need more clarity on the theme, you can email Lindsay for ideas. Lindsey can also help you set up a meeting with your Senator’s office in your state so parents & artists can make a delivery in person.

Where: They would love to collect art from as many states as possible.

Prize: Winners of the art contest will receive a generous basket of non-toxic art supplies, their art will be featured on Safer Chemicals Healthy Families website and via social media. Art that is 2-D will be printed on canvass to hang and feature in your home! Video winners will be featured on Safer Chemicals Healthy Families website!

Have fun with this and enjoy the time spent together and the meaning behind it. Get Drawing! For more information feel free to Email lindsaydahl@saferchemicals.org.


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