Typically with the start of school comes the end of summer but where I live we have a few nice weekends left. Where I live it’s suppose to be in the high 70’s which means a few more weekends at the beach. Not only do we like to go to the beach but even after beach season is over we take our two Labrador’s down to the shore to swim and play and then in the spring we take a vacation to warm climate. With all of the above mentioned activities comes lots of sand. While I love the warm weather and all the fun that my daughter has I hate the sand.

Luckily there is a product called Sand Gone that helps reduce the amount of sand stuck all over you and your kids feet, legs and eventually your car. Sand Gone is a dry, white body powder that is non-toxic and non-talc, with a hint of coconut. When applied to sand covered skin it removes the sand and leaves the skin soft. You can use Sand Gone when cleaning up while leaving the beach, cleaning up after the sand box, playground or wherever one encounters sand. My daughter loves to bath herself in sand so using Sand Gone is like having a “dry shower” from a jar.

Sand Gone comes in an eight ounce jar with a screw-able lid with a microfiber applicator. The applicator can be cleaned with a household washers and dryer when necessary. I was very happy to be able to review a product that not only saved my vehicle from becoming our next sand box but that was non-toxic, easy to use, easy to clean, and felt good on. Don’t forgot to grab a jar of Sand Gone next time you head to the beach.


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Haley is an avid fitness guru, mother, police officer and officer of the court. Haley and her family are working to go green with the help of her sister, Green and Clean Mom.