The greatest part of having a “Green” blog, learning about companies that are making an effort to go green and help the environment, it’s inspirational.  This was the reason I started the Mommy Go Green Blog Tours, to help spread the word and connect moms with companies.  A fairly basic concept but for a niche of companies, initiatives, products and companies which is different then most other companies hosting blog tours.  You have to imagine my excitement when within a very short time I had close to a hundred mommy bloggers signed up and excited about the opportunity to spread the word about companies going green! Next, imagine my excitement when the first hosted tour was, EcoBrain, talk about a perfect match.

EcoBrain isn’t like most other companies online where you buy books. They sell ebooks, which allows you to download the books right to your desktop or laptop and save a tree or two! Reading eBooks saves trees and reduces pollution, which is pretty much common sense because we all know that when we buy a book, it comes from a tree. It is no secret that many trees come from ancient forests. Forests are a place of majesty. Forests are dynamic habitats where soil can regenerate, birds can sing, bears can thrive, and the air is purified. But global paper consumption has increased by a factor of 20 this century and more than tripled in the past 30 years (World Research shows that eBooks are on par with reusable water bottles and grocery bags in terms of their ability to give consumers affordable, green buying alternatives.

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Paper manufacturing practices are among the 3rd largest polluters of air, land and water. Many of the books read today were printed overseas, shipped to the US and other countries by boat, trucked to distribution centers and then trucked to the local bookstore. Based on research from the Palo Alto Research Center it takes about the equivalent 60 watt-hours of energy to produce one piece of paper. One sheet. This number does not even include the printing or shipping.   Because eBooks bypass all of these processes, many of them are sold at 30% below retail, making them an excellent choice for budget conscious consumers.

According to the AAP (Association of American Publishers), eBooks sales are up over 50%.  However, the total number of titles sold is still relatively low.  While the trend to purchasing eBooks is increasing the trend could be increasing much faster if more people were aware of the vast content available as well as the positive impact one can make by choosing an eBook over a printed book.  While many publishers are making positive strides to produce recycled books, the bottom line is that there is still a huge environmental cost.  In other words, go get yourself an eBook at EcoBrain and make a difference!

The library is a sound option as are book swaps.  There are many ways we can help reduce the pollution that results from pulp and paper production. But for those titles you would like to own, eBooks are an excellent green choice and my vote is to use EcoBrain. Their portability, ease of use, and instant download are other qualities that make them popular to existing users.  I’ve reviewed several of the books can tell you personally, it is a cinch to download them and very convienent to have them on my laptop.

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