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When we start educating our kids about ways to preserve the environment, we talk about recycling programs, alternative fuels and energy conservation. Many people buy a hybrid vehicle to use less fuel and save money. How much time and gas do we use when we have to go out and do our shopping? We often go from store to store to look for items and the best deals. Why not start shopping more online so that we don’t have to use any fuel at all? Makes sense, but I know what we worry about when we start buying online. First, we worry about price of the items and then the cost of shipping. By starting on a site like, you can eliminate these problems. They have hundreds of coupon codes for all the top merchants. They even have a section for Free Shipping coupons. Need help with a retailer or have some questions about online shopping, just connect with one of their CouponPros through email, Facebook or Twitter. Looking for a Father’s day gift, Nordstrom has plenty of men’s apparel and nice gifts, plus MyCoupons has several Nordstrom Coupons. Need a nice gift for a friend, why not some jewelry with Cocoa Jewelry Coupons. The site has so much information on the vendors, the coupons used and savings information for each coupon. You can also sign up on the VIP List through Facebook to get access to weekly prize giveaways and exclusive offers. Finally, make sure to check out the discounted gift cards section. They have hundreds of retailer gift cards, like Gymboree, for sale below face value. Buying those gift cards is a perfect way to start your savings, plus the cards ship for Free. So, go online and check out Save some Green and Be Green by shopping online.

The lull in the economy isn’t necessarily a good think but it has motivated people to become more frugal, has raised awareness about helping others and has taught us about being resourceful and saving money while helping the environment. Now get Couponing!

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