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With the economy and gas prices it might seem like the summer vacation for families is a thing of the past. For my family it is. Other than a weekend away with work and commitments we can’t afford to leave the busy time of the year for a week and enjoy a relaxing vacation together or even alone or as a couple!  More than ever it seems like work is a priority to get ahead and save money.

The idea of going on vacation with a group of friends, renting a home or cottage to reduce the cost makes it easier to think of leaving for a week. Lord knows I think of leaving for a week and sleeping, eating and not worrying about work, money, the kids and life. What if there was one day of the year that congress made mandatory for us to take a vacation, relax, recharge and spend time with the family? I’d take that day!!! Did you know there’s a movement to help us save our summer vacation, ramp up tourism, family vacation and relaxation time and save us money? The movement is called Save Our Summer Vacation and if you sight the petition you can enter to win a $10,000 dream vacation.

What would my Dream Vacation Be?

Truthfully, I’m a beach and margarita with a stack of books and lots of sleep and spa time vacation person. My husband, however, is not this type of a vacation person so I’m going to tell you I really have TWO dream vacations.

1. Me alone. Yes, selfish but true. Perhaps some friends that enjoy the beach/pool, drinking and the spa. Maybe a wine vineyard and a limo with some hiking and horse back riding. I would have to have high speed internet because it just isn’t likely I can stay away from Twitter, Facebook and blogging. Fine restaurants, golf and a resort that is eco-friendly and safe.

2. Couples Trip. A trip with just us, again selfish I know but I desire grown up time and some romance. This trip would have to be shorter because I don’t like the children to be without both of us for very long. Some fishing on a small lake where I can sunbathe and read while he enjoys his outdoor sport. A small cabin in southern Ontario where we can make delicious meals for two, cuddles by a fire and just relax.

3. Family vacation with childcare. I like my cake and want to eat it too! I dream of being with my family on the beach, going to theme parks, zoos and new parks and then having an evening or two out with my husband sounds divine! Not feeling guilty about going to get a pedicure because hubby has help.

I don’t have particular locations in mind for any of my dream vacations other than warm sunny weather, safe and clean cities or towns and the desire to not worry about money.

What about your dream vacation?

Enter to win a $10,000 dream vacation and browse the lovely homes and condos that are for rent. It’s called HomeAway Vacation Rentals and I could not believe how inexpensive these homes were to rent and how beautiful. Makes sense with the economy right now though. My sister and her husband are stuck with a second home near a inland lake due to the housing market and to help pay the mortgage they decided to rent the home out. Smart and very family friendly for those wanting their own private space with a kitchen.

What eco-friendly things would you incorporate into your trip? Would you drive or fly?

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