Say Cheese!!! It’s time to smile, laugh and support local communities by promoting health and wellness.

The Laughing Cow is promoting their Life Well Laughed Project which makes it easy to donate to a healthy lifestyle while eating great food. From April 1 through July 15, you can visit, enter the UPC code found on the outside of the packaging of The Laughing Cow cheese wedges and/or Mini Babybel® cheese, and The Laughing Cow will make a $1 donation to support health and wellness programs at one of the participating YMCA‘s. The Laughing Cow has committed to donate a minimum of $250,000 but with enough people participating, the company hopes to raise a maximum donation of $500,000. Let others know how you live a healthy life well laughed by visiting their Facebook or Twitter accounts, their hash tag is #LaughWell. Get the word out so local YMCA’s around the country can utilize that $500,000 to help others.

I thoroughly enjoy Laughing Cow Cheese and would love to hear what your favorite Laughing Cow recipe is. My favorite use of Laughing Cow cheese is to smear it on my whole wheat turkey sandwich, that way I can avoid using sliced cheese or dressing. I save my calories and pocket book but don’t have to sacrifice the taste. I also love to dip pretzel sticks in a wedge of the onion flavored cheese. Yummy!!

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