I write about “going green”, using non-toxic cleaners, BPA free sippy cups and keeping our children safe and healthy. All parents want to keep their children safe and healthy. Today I drove on icy roads with very little visibility because the snow was falling so quickly. I always worry as I drive on the icy roads. I never know if another car will go off the road and hit us. Driving, there are always dangers and risks with driving but I worry so much more as a parent when I have my children in my car. It’s partially why I drive an SUV and why I researched the Ford Flex.

My son is now in a booster seat and it just doesn’t seem like he’s in tightly enough. The car seat gave me more peace of mind but now there is a the Seat Snug. At first, I wasn’t crazy about this contraption. As a green mom I thought it was probably a waste of material, manufacturing and packaging but I want to keep my child safe in his booster seat, which is why I was willing to give the Seat Snug a try. The idea behind the Seat Snug is to prevent the lack of seat belt slag. The slag that causes a booster seat to bounce or move around and that seat belt slag can cause our little ones to be at risk of a injury if their was a car accident.

As I drove through town with the snow falling, I felt better knowing that my son was snug in his seat because of the Seat Snug. I suggest you watch this video comparing a booster used with Seat Snug and one used without. It’s compelling and the Seat Snug has the National Parenting Seal of approval, which is a good thing. At first I did have a hard time installing and correctly using the product but the reason…I didn’t follow the instructions. I thought it would be simple and so my advice to you, follow the instructions, watch the video on installing the Seat Snug because it will save you a lot of time and it will be well worth it.

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