Does anyone remember glowworms – the dolls that lit up?? I loved my glowworm when I was little but now I feel like one. With all the toxins clouding are environment and in our everyday products I feel like I should be glowing by now. To make matters worse our government, you know the one that’s supposed to help protect us, is doing just the opposite. They are protecting the big fish, like usual. Sorry if I sound cynical but I’m just tired of it

Every day new information is surfacing about how conspiring and dishonest units of the government are. The latest breaking news that the Environmental Working Group (EWG) was kind enough to share is that chemicals that have been linked to health and safety hazards are being kept secret; due to a federal policy claiming the chemicals existence is a “trade secret”. The number of those ingredients that are considered a “secret” is up to 17,000. The EPA was kind enough to disclose 575 chemical agents that were on the “secret” list and inform the public that 530 of those chemicals weren’t disclosed due to a “technicality”. Must be nice to screw up your job 530 times (that we know of) and still have a job to go to.

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 Not only are we walking around looking like glowworms but we are lucky to be walking around. The Department of Homeland Security identified 3,400 facilities that if attacked could cause a great harm to human life. I think “great harm to human life” has already been established, just use your everyday soaps, detergents, and cleaning products. For more information check out what the EWG has to say or the Washington Post!  Thank you EWG and shame on you EPA.

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