Wash your hands. Wash your hands. Wash your hands. My kids hear me saying this over and over. With the H1N1simple human scare every mom wants to keep their family safe and healthy and washing your hands with safe soaps (I’m not antibacterial fan) is a great way for families fight the illness. With children every mother knows that children don’t really take very much time to hand wash nor do they really enjoy the process – it takes them from playing, eating and doing all the fun things that children do. Which is why I said yes when asked to review the new sensor soap pump from simplehuman®!!!

The idea that my kids couldn’t get away with not using enough soap and that they might actually want to wash their hands because we had this fun sleek new soap pump that magically knows when the tiny little hand is ready for soap. That’s what we call our sensor soap pump, “The magic germ machine”, which helps us fight those mean germs! The kids love this concept and when they’re told to wash their hands they go running and I know they’ve used soap because I hear the machine’s tiny little sound and the children giggle!

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What my family likes about the sensor soap pump from simplehuman®:

*My kids love washing their hands and I don’t have to beg them or threaten them anymore.
*I adjust how much soap comes out so the kids don’t waste the soap with too much and then make a bubble mess in my bathroom.
*Germs don’t spread because the children don’t need to touch anything; the sensor automatically detects their tiny hand.
*The top comes off easily and is easy to fill and refill.
*It looks sexy and sassy with the chrome and black so it doesn’t look out of place in my bathroom.

Here’s what my daughter has to say about it: “It is so cool!”

What more can I say?

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