Today is the first day of 2013 and I’m determined to make this year an even better year! As you know I’ve taken a little break to reflect on 2012, enjoy my family, catch up with work, enjoy the holiday season and recoup. I want to start 2013 with a fresh mind, an excited spirit and a renewed sense of direction. Even as I write this I’m still setting goals and reflecting on 2012.

Looking back on 2012 I can honestly say the year was a great one both professionally and personally. I was going to write about all of ups and downs and share my reflections and goals but decided against it. It is really more for me but I can tell you this, sitting down to really evaluate the good choices and bad choices of 2012 and reflect on what I really enjoyed and what made me feel good, look good and what made my family happy – it was worth it. Some of it took place on paper, some of it just in silent thought starring out at the white snow and some of this reflection took place late at night lying in bed listening to my husband snore!

These reflections and silent thoughts are helping me to set goals for 2013 and have an action plan to do more of what makes me feel good, look good and be happy. I even found a few very useful worksheets that are free and downloadable to print out on Pinterest . I like to sometimes have things written in pen and hung-up to remind me of what I need to do and what the end result should be. It helps me to stay focused, organized and be accountable. With a busy life it is easy to lose sight of what’s important!

Goal Worksheet #1: This is a simple printable goal planning worksheet that states the 2013 goal, action steps and then monthly actions steps. Definitely a great worksheet for a year-long goal!


Goal Worksheet #2: This is a great worksheet to help you set your goals in motion but align them with your beliefs, feelings and lets you set a plan for how you will celebrate your achievements!


Goal Worksheet #3: A very simple yet effective goal tracking that states the goal and the task lists with check-marks for accomplishing them and getting closer to achieving your goal.


Whatever your goal or goals for 2013 might be I wish you happiness and health. I’ve personally found that I fly more by the seat of my pants but as I get older taking time to reflect and write down my feelings and goals has helped me stay more focused and see what does and does not work. I hope some of my own learning’s and these worksheets are helpful for you.

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