I’m off to Blissdom 2011 and I cannot wait to meet up with Alicia from The Soft Landing, help promote Earth Mama Angel Baby with some fun Twitter games with prizes, hang with my assistant best known as my little sis, Haley. Did you know I was speaking on Advanced Monetization with Esther CrawfordBarbara Jones and Kim Moldofsky? Check out our survey helping us figure out the numbers for this new industry.

As excited as I am to head to Blissdom, I have NEVER left my children for this long and of course I have panicked but reading this article about why leaving is GOOD for my kids made me feel better. In the meantime while I’m traveling and not posting as often, I wanted to share with you a few precious photos that remind me of home and mean the world to me.

As a child I remember watching Shirley Temple and those ringlet curls and asking my Grandma Brown to use those pink sponge rollers to make my hair curly and beautiful like my cousin Nicole and of course Shirley Temple!

Josie and Ellie the Great Dane

At least they are keeping my bed warm!
Curly or Straight

Someday she’ll fit in perfectly at Blissdom – maybe she’ll be a blogger?
The Girls

Cuddly. Cuddly. Oh how I miss them when I’m away!

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