Colleges, University’s, Public and Private schools will be opening their doors again soon. Sadly, summer is coming to an end and school is starting. With school comes school supply shopping. It’s important to reuse last years supplies if possible but if not you can rest easy knowing that there are eco-friendly school supply options.

The Naked Binder, is a company that prides themselves on manufacturing school/office supplies that are sustainable, non-toxic, eco-friendly and attractive to the consumers eye. I was sent a green, red and purely naked 3 ring binder as well as folders and tabs to review from the company. The binders, folders and tabs were not only attractive but very durable, you could tell they are of good quality. Naked Binder believes they have designed the strongest, most sustainable 3-ring binder available. Naked Binders have been tested to 250,000 flexes without fail. That is 34 years of use if you use it 20 times a day. Every day. They have even run them through dishwashers to see if they hold up. Turns out they do. We all know how rough kids and adults alike can be on their supplies, it’s important that they stand up to the test, which in the long run saves money and reduces waste.

Not only are the products durable and cost effective they are safe. While binders are not regulated, Naked Binder had their product tested for phthalates and it came up clean. According to Naked Binder 40-60,000,000 vinyl binders get sold each year in the United States alone, that’s a lot of off gassing and toxins in the environment. Not only are their products phthalate free they are 100% recyclable, FSC certified, 100% post-consumer waste binders board, 100% cotton cloth, and include no plastics, vinyl’s or toxins.

You can get Naked Binder’s in 9 different colors they also sell folders, CD holders, tabs and labels. You can now rest easy knowing that you are buying yourself or your kids safe, eco-friendly products that are cost effective and sustainable. Get Shopping!

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