I’ve always said we vote with our dollar. Sometimes, I don’t make wise choices and I purchase something in a hurry and then think to myself that wasn’t the best decision and next time I’ll do better. As a mom and a working mom at that, I’m busy but I still care very much about my home environment and our planet. Which is why I try hard to make wise choices, choices that make a difference when it comes to the planet – sometimes I can’t do much but what I put in my cart can be like casting a vote and saying, I care about what I put in the mouths of my babes, what I clean with and how it impacts my health and environment.

This week I want to encourage you to join me, beginning September 16, 2013 thru September 22, 2013 and Follow the Frog. Yes, Follow the Frog and it’s simple and it supports the Rainforest Alliance to help improve farmer work conditions and protect our environment.

Here is what I need you to help me do:

Shop the Frog

Follow the FrogVote with Your Dollar and Shop the Frog– do your regular grocery shopping but look for the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ green frog seal.  A few of my favorite products include the Yogi Stress relief tea, the Dagoba organic chocolate bars, Balance bars, and Cliff bars. Ask your kids to help you; it can be like a scavenger hunt! Find out which products have the seal here.

Fact:  We’re losing forests at a rate of 32 million acres per year.

Hop along with Me: Watch the “I’m a Follower” video and then share it with your family and friends. Follow @RnfrstAlliance on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date with how you can help!

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I also really like this video, it is helpful in understanding what the “seal” means:

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