My daughter was hospitalized this last week, again for her asthma. It was horrible and again, I had to watch her be strapped down and poked. I watched her cry herself to sleep all the while saying, “Mama”.  I was helpless and so was she. At the mercy of the medical professionals to help her breath and make it all better. Fast acting asthma triggered by a cold or virus. I’m thinking a bubble around our home should be good. Then we’ll never have to go through this again.

In reality, we had to make some tough choices and get a plan of action. We are even going to have her tested for cystic fibrosis, just to rule it out and be safe. I’m freaking out about this. Previously, we enrolled her in childcare when I decided to work part-time but it was mostly for socialization. Now immunity and health is the issue. We found a nanny to come in and watch her, in our home three full days a week. My office is at home, giving me the opportunity to be with her, supervise her breathing (if necessary), give her treatments, have someone paying close attention to only her and keeping her away from the variety of germs and bugs that lead to illness. My disclosure, I’m fully in support of childcare and have a great deal of childcare experience. I love the socialization and if you can find a center that fits you and your family, it can be a blessing. Germs don’t really bother me because all children will be exposed to them one way or another. It is also very good for the building up a strong immune system.

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In our case, my daughter can’t catch a break and get healthy enough to build up her immune system. She seems to get everything that she looks at. Now that we’ve decided to keep her home I’m looking around our home and notice how few toys she actually has. She has dinosaurs and a few baby dolls. Lots and lots of baby toys but she’s a toddler now, almost two. I’ve overlooked her need for toys and items because it is my son who is vocal and expresses needs and wants. What will she do all day, everyday at home with little variety and no other children to play with?  As she’s gotten older the weather was nice and we spent time outside but soon that won’t be possible and the below freezing temperatures will come and drifts of snow!

This led me to, Top Toys. I wanted to do some shopping online to see exactly what was out there for children. What toys are safe? What are the most frequently bought toys, award winning toys and popular toys. I really don’t “toy” shop often enough to know much. What I liked best about Top Toys, the simplicity. They show you the hottest kids toys and the lists are compiled using a special algorithm based on popularity, quality, value, safety, awards and innovation. A great resource for holiday shopping. I like the “Safety” part because toys that have recalls or have been recalled aren’t on the list, taking the worry out…sorta. I still worry and will be selective and might do some lead testing. Nonetheless, in one spot I get to see a wide variety of kids toys and specifically, in my case, top girl toys.  I have to admit, I did check out the top boy toys for my son…to get some holiday ideas.

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Now that my little sweetie will be staying home, I will be buying some top girl toys to help keep her a little busier throughout the day. Not too many though. We have boxes, paints, pans, music and our imagination and these items don’t cost anything because we already have them. With the economy being the way it is, I’m trying to make smarter choices, buy less and be resourceful. What top girl toys can I buy her that will be valuable, used for a long time, will be educational and hopefully passed down to other children for reuse? I’m always trying to keep the three R’s, imagination, and safety in mind when shopping. I’m not sure what we’ll be buying yet but if you have some “green” suggestions, let me know. In the meantime, see what you think of Top Toys Guide and keep my baby girl in your prayers.

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