The last few months have been interesting. I started this blog to reach out to moms and readers like myself. I am not granola or crunchy and when I go to my local health food store and pull up in my SUV people sometimes glare at me as though I cannot shop there unless I drive a hybrid, shower in rainwater and maybe have dreads. Sorry, that isn’t me and never will be. I’m not perfect but I try my hardest to be some shade of green each day. I’m not trying to make green cool either or doing green stuff to be cool. My belief is this: to do thing for the environment and our children we don’t have to go extreme. I have a lot of experience with moms and social settings due to past job experiences, and when moms get scared of something or if something feels overwhelming they are going to look the other way, run away of just plug their ears. I have had to tread very lightly when introducing “scary” topics to new moms because some of them will go to the extreme without the education or knowledge and this is not good either.

This blog is growing in leaps and bounds and yes, the New York Times blip helped, but I mostly think it is because there are so many of us moms out there that want to do something but don’t want to go extreme or made to feel bad because they have an SUV or don’t buy organic milk. Does that mean that you don’t care about the environment or your children? Come on, this isn’t high school and we need to stick together not bully each other or judge so harshly.

This has all lead for a huge influx of press release notices in my inbox, emails from small start up companies wanting me to look at a product or review it. Frankly, I have not been equipped to deal with this or prepared. I’ve researched it, read some posts but there are opinions on each side of the fence (go figure). That’s when I realized that I had to think long and hard this and start to take my blog seriously and think of it like a business. A great post over at Sparkplug CEO , made me realize this after my husband harped on me for being taken advantage of and not being a good business person. The catch was, I did not see my blog as a business and that was my mistake. I was spending time looking at products, doing reviews, taking pictures, researching, writing and not charging one penny for it because I wanted to share it with you AND it was fun. So why can’t I make money, share stuff with you AND have fun? PR firms and companies know that blogging is influential so why I can’t I leverage that to my advantage? It gives me more another stream of income, adds value to my time, better products, contests and reviews for you and can help support a better functioning site and design.

I had a great conversation with Erin over at, The Queen of Spain Blog , the other day because I wanted her “expert” opinion and she was so wonderful to even give me the time of day. She had some great recommendations and made me think about whether paid posts would be a conflict of interest and if paid posts were honest opinions. I really did think about this but then I came to Anne-Marie Nichols website, The Write-Spot , and her disclosure on reviews and paid posts happen to fit my own thinking. If a blogger is going to be “transparent” and lay it all out on the line and isn’t hiding something from you then you know you can trust them. I read many great blogs that accept paid posts but I know this and when I read the bloggers honest opinion I go back to them. That’s why they keep getting paid. PR firms and companies know that a post is far more powerful than a side banner or button because a paid post does not go away. A post with a mommy review on it whether it is paid or not is advertisement and more powerful then any other form because it is word of mouth. Exactly why I love network marketing because it is word of mouth and that is the best kind. I don’t even watch television anymore or read magazines, my influences are bloggers like myself.

You can probably guess the end result here and if you see my new disclosure policy you’ll learn more. Does all of this mean you can’t trust me and I’m blogging just for money and all of my posts are paid. He! He! He! Yes. Heck NO!!!!!!! I’m going to be straight up with you and if I’m shopping and see something I love I’m going to blog about it. If a PR company wants my time and help and they contact me and want your eyes and ears to hear MY opinion then yes, I’m going to charge them. This is still a personal blog, written by me and they are my opinions and my integrity comes first. You won’t see me supporting Clorox or Green works for money. If it goes against what I think and believe I won’t do it. If I don’t like it, I’ll tell you. If I love it, I’ll tell you. Want to know if I’ve received payment or a free product for a review? Just look for the label, sponsored post or sponsored review. When I move to word press I can categorize this but until then this what I can do. I’m sure in the months to come more up roar about this will come. I could just not post about this but I figured some of you might want to know what others in blog land are talking about and if I’m going through this, maybe you are too.

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