By now, many are aware the Sierra Club has partnered with Clorox for its new product line, Green Works.  This has been controversial, of course. When you take a environmental group and partner them with a company who makes bleach, you have to wonder who’s going green or turning white? I have my opinion and it indeed surrounds going green but for the sake of money.  Personally, I feel the Sierra Club has some iffy practices all around and you can read my post on the club using mobile billboards for advertisement, if you’d like. I don’t feel that any club is perfect or can’t make mistakes because after all, humans run it but there does have to be a foundation of ethics and some members of the club believe the same, sparking a feud.

After doing some reading I was alarmed to see that the Sierra Club actually defends bleach and Clorox making the product. Saying, when I pour bleach down the drain it turns to salt and water. They claim for it to be a “safe” disinfectant.  Bleach is a pesticide, plain and simple.  A pesticide that the Sierra Club is endorsing and defending! I find the ethics behind this and the club somewhat twisted. The Associated Press has an article on the safety of chlorine bleach and their article supports the same premises, of bleach being safe for the environment. The Good Human, made a post on bleach and advertising and points out the dangers of the product when it comes to our children and that there are alternatives.  This seems to have been excluded in the information evaluated by the Sierra Club.

I believe the Sierra Club has forgotten that we aren’t just thinking of the environment outside but inside our homes as well. The toxic fumes, the sippy cups that taste like bleach, the toys that have residual bleach on them when cleaned with the product. Asthma is triggered by the fume given off by bleach. Bleach and it’s toxicity hasn’t been tested safe around our children and with 9 out of 10 poison exposures happening at home with bleach being one of the top 10 hazardous chemicals to expose our children too!  It’s the number one swallowed chemical to cause poising.  Why would a family endorse a company making the product? Bleach is just not a healthy environmental product and the Sierra Club has said it is.  They may be endorsing Green Works by Clorox but they’re also endorsing and defending bleach. They even link to a Clorox description of bleach being a “clean” scent and sustainable. Funny how the club can spend decades fighting with the company and now defends them? Hmmm? This is called money motivation and questionable ethics, the Sierra Club is making an “undisclosed” amount of green off the deal.

When reading about why they made the deal they make themselves out to be a hero. To help the poor common folk afford natural cleaners. Vinegar and baking soda isn’t available in a grocery store, right?  To help support big companies going green when really the big companies are riding a green marketing wave.  The excuse that the green products aren’t found in the average store is simply not true.  I found green products in a variety of brands at two local grocery stores and Wal-Mart. The people who decide to buy green are going to do so because they want to, not because Clorox and the Sierra Club made it possible.  The club actually states that it is using the “power of their name” to help bring safe products to our homes. Why then did they not partner with a smaller green cleaning product, say Seventh Generation, for example.  Again, they make themselves out to be super heroes but in reality they are defending a poor decision that doesn’t do much for the environment, even if they believe it does. So what’s your point of view?

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