3 Signs That You Need A New AC Unit

3 Signs That You Need A New AC Unit

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Ideally, an air conditioning system is essential in ensuring a comfortable environment for all occupants. It also provides a number of other benefits, besides having cooler areas and improved air quality.

For instance, using a functional air conditioner (AC) unit can help lower the humidity level at home and reduce the presence of mildew, mold, and other allergens that can lead to some serious health issues. It can also help keep the temperature warm during the winter season and cold during the warmer months all around the United States.

With all these things in mind, having an air conditioning system at home will surely make a lot of sense. However, like other home appliances, it can also be susceptible to wear and tear and other malfunctions.

Generally, the average lifespan of an AC unit is approximately 10 to 15 years as long as it has been well-maintained or well taken care of. But there are specific instances where your system will already require replacement with the help of professionals like air conditioner installers Capon Bridge or wherever you may be located in West Virginia and nearby.

Below are the three signs that you need a new air conditioning unit:

1. AC’s Already Old In Age

One of the common signs that your AC system needs replacement is its age. It’s important to know that air conditioning units don’t last forever. After a decade or more of use, there’s a high chance it’ll no longer work perfectly like before. Add to that the adverse effects of extreme weather conditions and exposure to natural chemicals, which can contribute to the unit’s diminished working condition.

But aside from the general wear and tear, an old air conditioning system comes with the following problems that’ll tell you to replace it as soon as possible:

Electrical Failure: As the air conditioning unit ages, the likelihood of electrical issues is high. This is especially true if it has been overworking for a prolonged period of time due to the fluctuating temperatures in your area. Some common electrical issues associated with older AC units include failing capacitors, tripped circuit breakers, faulty wirings, and other similar circumstances.

Leaking Ducts: Over time, there’s also a possibility that the duct sealing will start to break or crack, allowing air to escape. When this happens, the indoor air quality is significantly affected.

Misaligned Thermostat Sensors: When the AC system ages, the thermostat sensor may become misaligned, causing the unit to cycle on and off regularly. As a result, your home may become too cold or hot.

Unusual Noises: When you hear unusual noises from your air conditioning system, it can indicate a problem with your unit’s components, which may be damaged due to wear and tear associated with old age. For example, the buzzing noises may be a sign of some electrical issues, such as loose wiring, whereas the banging noises may indicate a problem with the compressor.

2. Higher Electricity Bills

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Among the 3 signs that you need a new AC unit is mind-boggling electricity costs. If your utility bills are becoming higher than usual, it’s probably due to the air conditioning system working much harder to provide the appropriate temperature for your home.

Dealing with higher electricity bills on a regular basis can be financially draining, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Thus, instead of struggling to pay your higher utility bills each month, replacing your air conditioning system may be best to avoid unnecessary costs and make your house more energy-friendly.

Generally, higher electricity bills can be due to the following problems:

Dirty Filters: The air filter becomes clogged when the unit is filled with dirt and dust. Consequently, the performance of the AC will be diminished, resulting in much higher energy consumption.

Inefficient Refrigerant: The refrigerant is used to remove the heat away from your home. But if it’s inefficient or low in performance, the system won’t be able to eliminate heat more effectively. As a result, you’ll notice a sudden rise in your monthly electricity bills.

Poor Maintenance: Every AC unit requires regular maintenance. Lack of it may cause inefficiencies and other serious problems, increasing your electricity bill.

3. AC Unit Needing Frequent Repairs

Generally, fixing your AC unit system is normal, being a part of its regular maintenance to keep it working efficiently. But if the series of repairs are becoming too frequent, repair and maintenance expenses can become more costly than buying a new replacement. That said, buying a new air conditioning unit may be a good idea to cut your financial losses.

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Final Thoughts

Having a functional AC system at home is essential. Yet if it starts to have problems, it can now become a liability that you need to get rid of as quickly as possible. Therefore, keep the information mentioned above in mind to know when you’ll need a new air conditioning unit.

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