Simple Beauty Hacks for Women #LifeHacks #BeautyHacks

If you’re on Pinterest, you’re accustomed to seeing #lifehacks or ideas that simply make your life easier. Who doesn’t want solutions to make their easier? I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to these ideas with hopes that someday I’ll remember all the tips and tricks. There are some, however, that I’ve been using, I’ve used over the year and that I want to suggest to you.

I want to make your life easier.

These so called, #Lifehacks, are geared more towards women.

Lipstick is more than Just Lipstick

  • If you run out of blush, try using a little bit of lipstick instead. Just be sure to blend well and a little goes a long ways. I’ve used this while traveling and it is a life saver!
  • Did you stain your shirt with your lipstick? Not a problem, just use hairspray and the stain will come out.

A Paper Clip Can Save Your Day

  • No really, a paper clip can be a life saver and here is how. If a zipper tab breaks, use a paper clip. This happened to me while I was traveling and I’ll tell you what, that paper clip helped me zip and unzip my jacket. It was freezing out and I wanted to be warm!
  • Are you wearing a shirt that shows your bra straps? No need to buy a new bra. Just use a paper clip to pull the straps together in the back.

Use That for What?

  • A straw can store that favorite necklace for traveling. No more tangles and knots.
  • A used toilet paper roll can store scarfs, underwear and even socks. I store tech cords in used toilet paper rolls to keep them organized!
  • A magnetic strip in your bathroom can store all of your bobby pins and safety pins. No more searching for a bobby pin.

Little, simple, solutions that don’t take much time or cost much money can make your life a little easier. What are some of your favorite #Lifehacks?

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