Bedroom Organization Tips and Tricks

Simple bedroom organization tips can lessen anxiety and stress both in the morning and at night. An organized bedroom can make life much easier!  When you climb into bed and your bedroom is cluttered with clothing all over the floor you may notice how your anxiety and stress is high. You don’t really want to be in your bedroom if it is a mess, right?  Okay, maybe it is just me but I am betting others feel the same way and to help you begin your day and end you day on an organized note here are four easy tips to help you keep your bedroom organized.

  1. Ditch the Clutter. Don’t throw the receipts from your pocket, the spare change and scraps of paper on your dresser or night stand with the intention of picking them up later. Nope, you’ll forget and the clutter will stay there for lord only knows how long! Instead have a trash can placed next to your dresser or night stand and a jar for spare change. When you empty your pockets place everything where it goes, not in piles!
  2. Organize the Closet. I say this in part because I need to become better at this and know that if my closet was more organized I’d have an easier time getting out the door in the morning and fewer clothing items on hanger thrown all over the bed in the morning. When you have your shoes, belts, scarves and items crammed together it is hard to find what you need and makes your morning more stressful. I know because I am experiencing this right now and I’m about to overhaul the closet!
  3. Don’t toss it on the Bed! I beg you to not toss it on the bed because it will just reside on your bed for when you come home from work and therefore will only taunt you. The clutter will scream your name and you’ll resist and leave the bedroom, it won’t be a place of calmness. The small pile that needs to be hung up will simply become a heaping pile. It only takes 10 seconds to hang the shirt back up or fold the sweater and put it away. Your bed is for you to sleep on not for your clothing to rest on as a holding place.
  4. Laundry, Laundry Everywhere! If it is dirty place it in the hamper or take it to the laundry room. If it is clean fold it and put it away or hang it up. Leaving your clothes in a pile will only cause them to wrinkle and you’ll either waste energy throwing them in the dryer to heat the wrinkles out or you’ll spend time ironing. It is also possible you’ll mix clean and dirty clothes together and just wash everything! What a waste!

Simple bedroom organizing tips that will help you start your day on a good note and lessen your anxiety and stress levels to help you sleep. Lord knows I’m looking for the ways to overcome the stress, anxiety and insomnia so why not start with bedroom organization!

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  1. Love these tips. I struggle with keeping it organized because we don’t have a laundry room – our bedroom corner functions as the “laundry room.” It’s a nightmare!

  2. Thanks Kylie! I am on a kick to get things organized so that I’m less stressed!


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