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Recently, I was honored at being part of the BlogHer Green Committee – an effort that took months of volunteer time to converse and help counsel BlogHer on ways they could “green” their Chicago 09’ conference.  Of course, there were varied opinions and ideas but overall I feel BlogHer made some great strides toward going green and embarking on changes to help no only the attendees but the sponsors (I will expound on this and the private Pepsi Company conference call at a later date and time).

Anyhow, Small Steps™ really do matter and the company that trademarked this phrase really are trying to make steps that lead us in the right direction and help the environment. No small task when we are talking paper products and the U.S. consumption of paper towel, toilet paper and tissues for the cold season. Remember, I’m I bunch my toilet paper so this is seriously no small task in my house when it comes to being eco-friendly. Luckily, a box of Marcal ® sent me their Small Steps ™ starter kit to show me just how possible it is to start reducing our paper waste and still having quality performance and price while helping the environment.

Let me just tell you, when I review a product or company I try to say it like it is – so you most of all can trust me. I have no motives by sharing my toilet paper experience and all my disclaimers and information on companies I have worked for and work with are completely listed. I’m genuine folks and if I wipe my ass with a product from a company that is sustainable I will tell you so – whether I get a check, have it sent to me or not. It makes no sense for me to sway you in the wrong direction, not have your trust but gain a buck. Eye roll, not happening folks!

Okay, so let me give you the gist on the products and where you get them and why you would even want to. The company has been making Paper From Paper NOT From Trees ® since 1950 – Holey wow and I’m just now hearing about this company? What?

-The Small Steps™ paper products from home and away from home are made from 100% recycled paper. This means that no trees are cut down so that you can use a napkin or wipe your cute butt!

-If each household switched to the Small Steps™ brand we could save 1,000,000 trees and that means a huge impact on fighting Global Warming!!!

-Brands that are even a portion recycled product still have to cut down trees so why not go with a brand that uses 100% recycled paper and cuts down ZERO trees? See their manufacturing process by clicking here.

-The brand is available at Meijer and Kroger and I’m bummed I have neither but that a Meijer is being built down the street from me! Yahoo!

I seriously love my experience with the products thus far and went online to buy them in bulk but could not. Seriously, I would love to buy a stock pile of it and not have to worry about running out of tissues during the cold season or toilet paper.

Find out more about the quality and what the company is doing to provide the consumer with environmentally friendly products that are not “green washed” but truly great green products. The more we say YES to lines like Small Steps™ the better our environment will be and the safer our homes. No bleaching and toxins and I love this!

Oh, check out the design a paper towel contest! Super cool and it helps save the trees and you win pack your bags for the Sequoia National Parks! Yahoo! Of course, I can come with you in your suitcase, right?

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