skin-mdWinter time is harsh. The snow, the cold air and wind mixed with the days of little to no sunlight can add up to some not so lovely effects on your body, mainly your skin. In my case, my skin has not always been the smoothest and the prettiest. One day I look in the mirror and think to myself that my skin looks great, the very next day it’s dry and peeling or there is of course a nice little visitor on my forehead named Mr. Zit. I have tested out many lotions to try and battle the dry skin while also trying to make my complexion stay as clean as possible.

These tests usually turned out negatively. But, I have found a lotion just recently that met all of my requirements! The Skin MD All Natural Shielding Lotion with Sunscreen was my express ticket to healthy skin! Finally a lotion that smelled great, wasn’t oily to the touch, was mild enough to apply to my face, and that actually, well, worked! Within the first few days of me applying the lotion I noticed that my skin was softer and looked healthier than it had in a long time.

One of the things that I really liked about it was that I didn’t have to use it multiple times a day, I used it once and the moisture stayed with me. I would recommend this lotion to anyone who has dry skin, or just likes the added bonus of soft, glowing skin. This lotion was definitely a product that I would purchase again.

A review by Green Guru, Mckenzie Reed. mckenzie-reed

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