I think Kim Barnouin could be my best friend. She tells it like it is. No bull sh#*! (Kim wouldn’t even use those characters she’d just spell the word out.) Her new book, Skinny Bitch is all about cutting that crap out of your life. No-nonsense either. (This is on the cover but for real it is no-nonsense).

Kim talks home, beauty and of course style. From making sure your house doesn’t reek of artificial scents to saying good-bye to the Teflon and cooking and eating healthier.  A clean pantry, a shi#* list of ingredients to avoid, homemade cleaning recipes and the low down on plastics! Her writing style is fun and easy to read but again she just says it like it is. As if your girlfriend came over and saw you were eating a burger from the local fast food joint on number 7 plastic while sitting next to a scented candle; Kim is here to lay it out for you.

My favorite part of the book is the natural beauty section. It’s as if she’s hanging in my bedroom going through my makeup and clothing saying, “poor girl let me help you.”  The facial cleaners, polishes, lotions and crap we lather on our body are just not very good for us.  This chapter gave me alternatives, examples and um, made me feel a wee bit guilty.

Ladies, treat you and buy a copy of Skinny Bitch: Home, Beauty and Style. It would make a great wedding shower gift or better yet read it and loan it to a friend – who needs an occasion to gift something like this?


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