No, I’m not calling you a skinny bitch I’m talking about the book! Got your attention though, eh? Yeah, me too! I was Christmas shopping back in December and bought this for myself just because the title caught my eye. That’s marketing for you. The book’s actually really good but raw. By raw I mean no sugar coating stuff. The authors tell it like it is and the chapter about meat is more than raw, it’s gross and stomaching turning. I got sick the night I read that chapter so future readers beware. The title of the chapter is, “The Dead, Rotting, Decomposing Flesh Diet”. Told you!

The book really is about eating healthier and more natural. What I liked best about it was the description of all the ingredients and what they are and whether they are good or bad for you. A little manual and since the book can fit in my purse it’s perfect to take with me to the store. I’m not sure that I believe everything they wrote and would call this some type of weight loss bible but it was a good read with some thought provoking chapters (especially the USDA stuff). For losing weight and being skinny I still say check out the inch loss diet because it’s easy, tastes good and works but that’s just me. Happy reading and if you’ve read this sassy little book and have a comment please let me know.
Update, this book is now available at EcoBrain as a eBook which makes me very excited because I loaned my book out and would love to have an accessible copy on my laptop.

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