Germany & Beyond Smart Travel Tips

For almost two weeks this spring, my two sisters, my dad and I will take a trip to Europe. My dad was in the army, stationed in Germany, and has always wanted to go back. We decided to pack in as much as possible on this father/daughter trip abroad so we added Ireland to our agenda.  Our itinerary is packed. Here is a sneak peek. We have rented cars in both countries and besides having rental homes booked and some hotels, we do not have a set schedule other than to explore.

Berlin, Germany for three days

Munich, Germany for three days

Frankfurt, Germany for two days

Fly from Frankfurt, Germany to Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland for a night

Cork, Ireland for a night

The Cliffs of Ireland for two nights

Athlone, Ireland for a night

Smart Travel Tips for Traveling Abroad- Visiting Cork, Ireland and More

When it comes to travel, especially long trips and trips that are abroad, I plan far in advance. I booked our trip with everyone spending upfront only $1597.98 for the flight, car rental and lodging. How did I do this? I used my favorite credit card with amazing rewards for travelers, researched homes to rent outside of the expensive city and took a flight that was from Canada instead of the United States for cheaper airfare.

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Now that the trip is booked and paid for, my planning has turned to packing and prepping for the trip. There are some necessities that I just cannot part with so I have to plan accordingly. We are taking one carry-on and one backpack. That is it. This allows us to save on airline baggage fees and rent a smaller more affordable car.

Travel Needs

Wardrobe Accessories:  I am a rather plain dresser wearing blacks, grays and neutral colors but I always have a watch, nice earrings, and a necklace that makes a statement or a scarf. I love my accessories.

WI-FI:  I need to be able to communicate with my family and we mostly use FaceTime, iMessage, Facebook or Facebook Messenger. I also need my Google Translator App and Google Maps.

Essential Oils and Vitamins:  I want to stay healthy while I am abroad. I take my supplements every day and when I don’t have my vitamin D-3, B-12 or C, I feel it. With long flights, hotels, public places…I need to be vigilant. I also rely on my essential oils to help me stay healthy, especially mentally. A quick whiff of my favorite oil and put pep in my step and I think I might need that.

Travel Solutions

Essential Oils and Travel Wardrobe Accessories

Invest in double duty items. My infinity scarf has a pocket that can hold my I.D., money and phone. I can accesorize and be hands free.  My statement necklace also gently diffuses my favorite Now Foods Essential Oils throughout the day.

Rent a Tep. Have Wi-fi in your pocket at all times for a low rate. I won’t have to stress about my cell phone fees or how I can talk to my family. I will not worry about secure connections or being lost without my friend, Google Maps. Tep has phenomenal reviews and you only rent the pocket device for the days you need it. You can pay extra for car chargers, insurance, faster Internet, etc. It’s as low as $8.95. I can just put my phone on Airplane mode, use it for photos, videos and connect to my Tep to communicate with my peeps back home. The other plus, it will connect up to five devices!

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Think Smarter but Smaller. I take several supplements daily but all of these bottles will take up too much luggage space. I would rather bring home gifts for the family. So instead, I have invested in a travel pill/vitamin holder and dispenser. One bottle that can hold up to 6 different pills, which will easily hold my multi-vitamin, B-12, D-3, C, ibuprofen and prescription medicine.

These are just a few of my travel tips. I am full of them. I am a planner and love research. I also love testing out what really works and sharing these nuggets with you. Stay tuned for more travel tips and solutions. By-far I recommend the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card if you’re a point fanatic like me.

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