Natural and spontaneous, these are my favorite photos of my children. When I can grab the camera and snap them picking their nose, hollering and giggling while they sled down the snowy hill or as their tongue hangs out in deep conversation as they color a picture. Children are so cute just being themselves and having the camera capture this is something I am continually striving to do. Which is why I’m behind on the “professional” posed pictures from the studio, I’m always into snapping my own photos!

My sister would tell you that picture studios would mean she has to come along and sweat, run all over the place and get the children to smile. She would be 100% correct! My children take the best pictures when we head to Sears or Walmart and my sister is in tow. She runs all over making them smile, laugh and I can worry about their hair being perfect, no drool on their shirt and worrying about directing the photographer, color backgrounds and lighting. Which means my best advice when heading to a studio for professional pictures  is to take a helper who either looks goofy or can be goofy.

I’ve checked out all of these adorable pictures from the Live with Regis and Kelly Beautiful Baby Contest (which today is the day to vote so hurry up) and my favorite pictures of are the children who are just in the now – not posed. Like Noah Candido-Devlin or Maggie Sue Romeo, completely natural and who have been captured being themselves.  What do you think and what are your pointers for capturing cute pictures of your children for contests, cards and keepsakes?

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