Snowmobiling is something I’m new at. Last year I bought my husband two snowmobiles and a trailer for his birthday (they are used and I scored a great deal). I grew up with my husband’s family and I remember him snowmobiling a lot in high school. I thought this would be a great thing for our family to do together and for my husband and me to do together. Over the last year we’ve really just taken small snowmobile trips to lunch, dinner and making trails on our property. We’ve had a great time using the sleds and with the 125 + inches of snow this year I decided it was time to take real snowmobiling trip in the Upper Peninsula. Our sleds aren’t two person snowmobiles so we decided this would be an adult only trip. I decided I need the practice riding and to gain experience.  I’ve learned a lot and have an upcoming video on my top 5 beginner tips for women.

I’m very familiar with northern Michigan but I wanted to take a trip in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I’m not sure why I was insisted on this but I was. I checked out many trails, tips and locations using the site U.P. Snowmobiling and it was very helpful to see the counties and where lodging options in each county. We decided to only drive 1-2 hours so we could actually snowmobile more and drive less. I ended up deciding on Brimley, Michigan and we stayed at Bay Mills Resort and Casino.

snowmobilingIf you’re planning on visiting the U.P. and you like to gamble or you’re looking for a setting that is great for snowmobiling, ice fishing, and hiking, cross country skiing or snowshoeing… Brimley is a great place to visit.  It was very pretty and the casino offers some excellent lodging and dining packages, which is why I chose it. We’re not gamblers or drinkers but it is nice to have a package that includes entertainment, lodging and dinning all in one at an affordable rate. Plus, the casino is right on the snowmobiling trail and that was a must!  For only $140 we had our lodging, $30 in free gaming (that is all went spent), free drinks if you are gambling, a buffet dinner, buffet breakfast and lodging.

If you’re wondering was the food good? Drinks watered down? How about the room was it nice for such a great rate? Yes, I worried about this too but here is what we loved and didn’t love:

  • It was very smoky and that was the worst part of our trip the cigarette smoke. We don’t smoke and find the smell and taste of the smoke in our mouths gross. So this caused us to leave the casino floor after only one hour.
  • The trails are very nice and well groomed and easy to locate with plenty of trailer and snowmobile parking.
  • The food was very good. I’m not a buffet fan but the food was actually very good, hot and fresh. The service was excellent and everyone was very nice.
  • The room was average, nothing luxurious. We had a fridge and microwave so that was nice. The room was very clean and it did not smell like smoke, thank goodness!

The biggest thing I can tell you is that yes we would return. So tell me, do you snowmobile? Any tips on where you like to stay or what trails you enjoy the most in Michigan?

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