Want to help women in need around the world, reduce poverty and help the environment all while looking good, smelling great and cleaning green? You can do it!! Soap Hope gives you and me the power to help women in need by simply buying green products. Soap Hope is a for-profit company with a non-profit mission.

So how does it work? Simple, every profit earned by a good returns company goes first to a non-profit institution that uses it to empower women. After those profits have spent a year in the service, the money is returned to Soap Hope. What can be better than purchasing healthy, wholesome, top-of-the-line products while helping women in need around the world. That’s a win win in my mind. The purpose of the good return model is to combine the best of the business and non-profit world.

Soap Hope believes that women are the key to ending poverty. Women save more, invest more, and are more likely to spend their earnings to educate their children and break the cycle of poverty. I would have to agree with them.

When the company says that the products are wholesome and top of the line they weren’t kidding. There are several different brands to choose from, such as Klean Kanteen, Acure Organics, Indigo Wild, Pangea Organics and more. I tried several of the products and loved all of them. I tried the Indigo Wild laundry soap which smelled great and did a good job of cleaning, the eye makeup and blush from Mahya Cosmetics which went on smooth and was subtle looking and the bar soap from Indigo Wild which was gentle on my skin and smelled fabulous. My favorite was the combination of the Acure sea kelp facial scrub and the Himalayan geranium and pomegranate balancing oil. The scrub exfoliated my skin and the oil felt like silk on my face, it was a perfect combination.

Not only are the products green but the packaging was adorable and eco friendly. My products came in what’s called an “ugly box”. The box is made from reused cardboard from local retailers who would otherwise scrap their cardboard boxes, which reduces their impact on the environment and also saves the consumer money by lowering their packaging costs.

Soap Hope also has an affiliate program that lets you share the message, gives readers special offers, allows you to earn extra income and help women in need. You can also spread the word by following them on twitter and Facebook.

Enjoy the experience of helping women in need while reducing your impact on the environment!