Return on Investment (ROI). Three words that almost every single social media and marketing consultant hears when they speak with potential clients. Clients that want to see numbers and facts – not just mushy stuff about investing in something and gaining more trust and online exposure. They want to know the bottom line. What will it cost them short term, long term and will they see their profits increase? Sit a consultants seats and try to answer these questions and you’ll know that this it is no easy task.   Right now I have devilish little grin on my faces because I have some angelic news that shows that there is indeed ROI when it comes to social media >>>>Insert us rubbing my hands together and grinning from ear to ear<<<<<<<<<<<<!!!

With the economy suffering it might be hard to imagine online sales increasing for a company in the green market. Well,  my halo is shinning because I worked hard with ecostore USA to begin and maintain its social media campaign and the results were amazing (please note that the budget is small but the results large)!!! Here are a few excerpts from the recent case study:

“From January 2009 to March 2009 ecostore USA experienced an increase in online sales by 202% as compared with October 08 through December 2008”

“When ecostore USA ran its August 2009 BOGO sales on the heels of a live presence at BlogHer ’09 in Chicago and Facebook contest, ecostore USA experienced a substantial increase in traffic to the ecommerce website along with 162% increase in customers who made purchases that were not just Gift Certificate sales, but rather, out and out sales.”

View the complete case study that was put together with the help of the former 3 Green Angels.

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