It was recently reported that social media influences how businesses are handling their Eco friendly practices. It makes sense seeing that 15 million people use Facebook and companies such as Ford are hiring mom bloggers to help with social media campaigns. Companies are engaging in social media to hopefully learn more from their consumers but to also put it all out there and let the consumers understand their business practices and efforts.

Social media to a mom blogger and business person mean different things. As a mom I think of social media the same as I would think of calling my friend to tell her a movie was bad or that I loved a new soap I tried on my baby. It means conversation and making friends the same as I would at the library or park with my kids. I wouldn’t expect a stranger to take my word but someone who I see every week at the library and who begins to trust me; I would think my advice and word would hold some weight and visa versa.

For companies I think of social media in the same way, a conversation but one that involves more listening and understanding. Free market research, advice and a great way to really hear what people are saying because there are lots of different “rooms” so to speak to be that fly on the wall. Engaging as a business is more than just blasting a message out there but if you’ve listened, had a dialogue and become trusted because the business is genuine then the result is much the same as it is for the mom.

Companies ask me often whether I believe social media and blogging will become commercialized. Clients tell me they are concerned that Twitter is on the news and everywhere, won’t people just tune it out like they do commercials or other forms of advertisement?

It depends on what spectacles  you are looking through. For me, I think it means success to see moms being rated by Nielsen and Twitter on the news and my husband realizing that I do something important. I also think if you’re using social media to communicate, engage and listen with full transparency and to learn with the rest of us you will be fine! Companies and brands that get too commercialized are not using social media correctly and they’ll fail at it.

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