Sometimes our kids need tutoring. We don’t know it all and though we love our children and we are a child’s first teacher as a parent – there is additional help needed for school subjects that falls beyond our scope of knowledge or expertise. For example, I would not be very good at helping my son or daughter with geometry – I barely passed it myself!

EduCare is an online tutoring program that lets our children get help where they need it most. From basic math, calculus to SAT test preparation – EduCare has the one-on-one online tutoring sessions with experienced tutors and 24×7 availability.

Here is what I like about EduCare:

Interactive and informative sessions

Attending a session right from your home or library

No need of travelling! Go Green

EduCare offers students with a free access to our resource library comprising of Worksheets, Videos, Animations, Simulations, Puzzles, Games & Test Engine.

In addition EduCare believes in global education and support Pencils of Promise because education is a basic human right! When using EduCare you are supporting global education while supporting and helping your own child! Watch this video for more information:

Why not? Great tips for free!

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