Mismatched Sock Pile Mismatched Sock Pile

This is my sock pile. I hate matching socks. They are everywhere because nobody ever seems to put two matching socks into the laundry pile at the same time. They come out of the dryer and then I throw them in a basket and shut the closet door (out of sight out of mind). If someone needs socks they just have to figure it out themselves, “Find the basket!” is my answer. Easy solution, except for the orphans. The socks that never find their mate. It kind of makes me sad because I just have this sock and what should I do with it? Normally, I would throw it back into the basket. Someday maybe we’ll find the match.

Lately, I’ve been reusing the lonely, mismatched, without a mate for creative uses around the house. It’s been a fun experiment and now those sad socks have a purpose in life besides going on someones stinky foot.

1. Dust my blinds! I have wooden blinds and that in itself is a curse. There is always dust on them. I won’t even tell you how many windows I have either but it’s too many. I put the socks on my hands, spray with my natural cleaner and wipe away. When the sock is dirty I grab another one, I have plenty!

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2. Mop my floor. I slip the wet sock right on to my old Swiffer mop head and mop away. Take it off, rinse it off and start over. It has worked wonderfully and that suprises me. I do the same for just a quick dust of the floor.

3. Dog toys. I put a tennis ball inside the sock, tie it in a knot and throw the ball. The dog goes wild for this. Sometimes I just open up the basket and let the dog go to town! He stays busy for hours!

4. Sock puppets. Boring and everyone knew I was going to type this but come on, when’s the last time you actually made one? The kids had fun and all we used were markers.

5. I’m using them to put my daughters Baby Legs in, tights and small socks. Yes, to keep items together. A novel idea that I’m just catching onto. I throw them in one of my hubby’s lonely socks and then put them in the wash. Mind you, when I remember!

Oh, there are hundreds of more ideas out there but these are a few I’ve been working on the past few weeks. Green Living Guide, Green Daily, and Eco Child’s Play all have some great ideas. If you come up with a winning idea maybe I’ll give you my pile of socks! Just kidding (or not), who in the world would want this pile? and her missing sock pile! Yikes! and her missing sock pile! Yikes!