I love soda, gotta’ have that fizz during the day. When I was a kid we used to visit my dads parents and they had a soda making machine. I remember adding tap water to these skinny glass bottles and then trying to decide if I wanted to make root beer or orange soda. It was something I remember looking forward to doing and I’ve never forgotten that experience. I had no idea as a child that it was eco-friendly because I was using glass, tap water and not wasting resources to make the soda and then ship it to the store. It saved my grandparents money, helped the environment and I was a happy kid! What could be better?

jet-2008Sharing this experience with my own children and their friends takes the cake! With Soda Stream I am able to make soda in the comfort of my own home, using a BPA free bottle and safe tap water. I am saving boatloads of money making my own sparkling water and diet cola. I have had the Soda Stream for two weeks and have not bought soda for myself and that alone is a money saver. I’m thinking this will be my favorite must give gift of the year! Oprah should so have this as one of her favorite things – so if you read my blog Oprah, go with the Soda Stream!

Besides the fact that product is saving me money and I do not have to buy soda or sparkling water, I am helping thesyrups-collection-regular-2008 environment. Think of the packaging that is being saved, the time and manufacturing for shipping the products into the store and yes, there are BPA free plastics that hold the syrups to make the soda for Soda Stream but one container makes 35 cans of soda and I can recycle this one plastic container. A savings no matter how you look at it. The product takes no batteries or electricity and did I mention you just use your own safe tap water! Yahoo! Watch the Soda Stream Video that shows you exactly how easy making a bottle of Soda is and you’ll be hooked.

My kids ask to make sparkling water and show their friends how they make their own pop all the time. It is so cute! Watch how excited the kids are to drink the orange soda they made and mind you, the soda has no high fructose corn syrup!

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