Clutter seems to pile up. Year after year I look at my storage room and seems to give birth to new boxes. I ask myself where did that box come? What is that box? Why are there all of these sealed boxes that I don’t even know the contents of? And just because my house is larger why am I storing other people’s contents that are filling up rooms?

Stuff usually is attached to an emotion. A time we remember buying something or using it. Who we were with, something they gave us, a happy or sad time in our life and we associate the “stuff” with that memory or emotion. Getting rid of the objects, boxes, and the piles means letting go. I always knew this was the case to some degree but I also have the mentality that some day I will use this or that so I want hold on to it, just in case. The book, Throw Out Fifty Things by Gail Blanke is helping me to sort through my clutter and clean out my house and basically figure all this junk out.

When I first picked this book up I thought it would just be a guide for what I needed to get rid of and exactly how to do it. The book didn’t really peak my interest at first because I know what I need to toss and where to take the stuff. I’m certain I should take the time to sort through the clothes and arrange a clothing swap or participate in a mom-to-mom sale. Gail does a good job at covering all of these topics and really giving some great solution for how to start and green your cleaning but what I liked best about the book was the emotional stuff. The part that helped me separate from the boxes and figure out why I was holding on to them in the first place.

Weird to think I am someone now that doesn’t need the boxes of then. The later part of Throw Out Fifty Things really helped me decide and mentally prepare and justify what I was doing as a I tackled the storage room. For those of you that are holding on to boxes and boxes of stuff that you haven’t touched in years, read this book. It’s a great kick in the pants and let’s you really think about what you need and what you’re holding onto for emotional reasons that doesn’t define you but could be holding you back. It’s more than spring cleaning with this book, it’s soul cleaning!

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