Have you worn shoes just because they look good and after just a short while – your feet hurt, you have a blister and your back is killing you? I’m notorious for doing this. I’m the person that will ditch my shoes after a few hours and be running around barefoot looking silly.

Not anymore.

I’ve fallen in love with Jambu™ shoes. They recently sent me a sporty olive pair of wedges from their eco-friendly collection. Here’s what has transformed me into the barefoot baboon into a stylish shoe fanatic that is actually comfortable, thanks to my olive pair of Touring shoes:

♥The sporty wedge has a partially recycled rubber outsole.

♥There is an adjustable Velcro strap.

♥The shoes have a memory foam foot bed. After a few days the shoes were like walking on clouds.

♥Besides loving the color and subtle wedge, the floral “motif” on the midsole adds the extra feminine touch to dress these shoes up with a pair of jeans or dress slacks for work.

♥I am never complemented on my shoes (okay I have one pair of red shoes everyone loves) but the first day I wore these shoes I had people stop and ask me where I got them. For real.

Check out my video review to learn a bit more about earth friendly packaging the shoes arrive in and get an up close and personal look at these stylish, comfortable and eco-conscious shoes by Jambu™:

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