We, as a society, have been searching high and low and looking for the key to a greener civilization for decades. Are we getting any closer? Do we have the answers? One man , John Marshall Roberts, thinks he has the answer to the collapse and restructure of our society, Empathy! You know that little thing that we so often forget to engage in. I’m as guilty as the next person when it comes to lacking empathy at times. It’s easy to get wrapped up in your own feeling, issues, problems, misunderstanding and forget what other’s are coping with and that doesn’t exclude the environment.

John Marshall Roberts bio includes a communication expert, applied social scientist and a CEO of the innovative communication training and research firm, Worldview Learning. John has a list of reputable clients such as Eco Tuesday, Green Print Alliance, CTN and more.

Tis the season to start practicing empathy. What do you have to loose? Maybe if we took John’s advice we would be happier individuals, communities, and Globally. Check out John’s interview with GreenSmith Consulting and his presentation at the TEDx in New Zealand.

Lets help spread the word of empathy and try and make a change. If John can get 10,000 views of the Youtube presentation conducted at the TEDx by December 20th, it’s highly likely this presentation would be put on the TED site. TED has a global network of translators; which would help spread the message of empathy to people far beyond the English speaking world.

Photo Credit: Green Smith Consulting

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