I’m a mom. I work from home. I teach 3rd grade. I run a blog and part-time consulting business. I have a husband. I have friends and family I like to stay in touch with. I like to read. I even enjoy going on walks, exercising and taking care of myself. The later doesn’t happen so often. You know taking care of me and the exercise and walking part. Sad but true. That “balance” part is an issue and something I’m tryingHow do your strive to find balance as a parent?#SpringIntoBalance to continually strike as a mom, wife, friend, sister and woman trying to lead a healthy life.

The problem for me is snacking. Working from home means I sometimes snack a little more than I should {slap hand}. I like chocolate. Oh shoot, I love chocolate!!!!

When Balance Bars asked me if I’d like to try their bars and I saw they had a dark chocolate coconut bar I quickly said yes! In my past days of eating terrible I was an Almond Joy freak.  Let me tell you the Dark Chocolate Coconut Balance bars are way better than a candy bar and soooo much better for you. I kid you not! I’ve tried all the bars and eat them all because I have a huge package of them but really the coconut ones are my favorite. Guilty pleasure is now a healthy pleasure.

Finding Balance

Do I ever really find balance? Do any of us? I strive to for even just one hour and here are some of my tips and tricks that help me keep my sanity.

  • I treat myself and the Balance bars help keep me powered, in check and still feeling like I have had a treat because they are high in protein and good for you. Yummy.
  • I play music. Yes, I play soft music or rock or country or pop or whatever I’m in the mood for. Sometimes I have it playing in different rooms just because.
  • I am trying to set boundaries. I am saying no and not accepting every opportunity to volunteer, help, bake, etc. It is hard but saving my sanity. I am making time for time with my husband because that is so important.

So this is what I’m trying and it is indeed a balancing act and not every day is perfect!

I’d love to give you a chance to win a variety of Balance Bars as well as some J.R. Watkins White Tea & Bamboo All Purpose Cleaner and Hand Soap. My daughter now washes her hands just to smell the J.R. Watkins White Tea hand soap. Really!


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To enter leave me a comment (under similar articles) by March 31, 2014 on how YOU find your balance as a parent or how you strive to find your balance.  For extra entries (leave a comment for each that you do but they are extra entries not required)

Finding balance as a mom. #springtobalance1. like Balance Bar on Facebook, tweet them on Twitter and follow them on Pinterest.

2.  Say hello to J.R. Watkins on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest as well.

That’s a lot of extra entries for a HUGE box of goodies!!! My box was overflowing!!!

You must be 18 years of older to enter and a U. S. Resident with a valid email address. I will announce via the blog and you’ll have 7 days to contact me or a new winner will be drawn.

Good luck and I can’t wait to hear how YOU strive to find your balance as a parent! We’re all trying to#SpringIntoBalance and can inspire each other!

Congratulations to Jen who was comment number 2! Using Random.org comment number 2 was selected out of 9 entry comments! I hope you find some balance Jen!

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