The children giving Santa their wish list.

As a child my Christmas morning consisted of opening our presents, getting dressed and rushing out the door to drive four hours to see family. It was always a fun rush of course but nonetheless and hurried morning. I even remember one year being asked what I got from Santa and not being able to remember because we opened things so quickly!

Now as a mom, I like to stay home on Christmas day. I like to drink my coffee and stay bundled up in my bathrobe watching the children open their presents and then play with their gifts. I like to enjoy the morning and let the time tick by as slowly as possible so I can remember everything!

This means I don’t see my family that lives four hours away. I don’t eat a holiday dinner with them or exchange gifts. I could be sad about this but I stay connected with my Droid Bionic when we’re apart on special days like this. Technology and 4G service keeps us together believe it or not!

  1.  Texting. We text each other happy holidays and pictures of great gifts! OMG and LOL are normal phrases along with emotional icons like the smiley face!
  2. Skype or Google chat. For some face time we’ll use Google video chat or Skype. With the Droid Bionic there’s the Skype application but also the Google interface for making the video face-to-face time a breeze! This is always fun because I can see their tree and they can see mine! Best part is we don’t have to get out of our PJ’s to see each other or spend gas money!
  3. Traditional Phone Calls. Even though we’ll be texting and seeing each other face to face I’ll pick up the phone several times throughout the day to call family members and say happy holidays. To tell them I miss them and love them.

How do you stay connected during the holidays with long distance relatives?

Disclosure: I am a part of Verizon’s Midwest Moms program.  I was given a Motorola Xoom, Droid Bionic and six months of service in exchange for sharing my journey with all of you. All opinions expressed are my own.

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