As promised, I told you I would tell you all about the Shark Steam Cleaner; after trying the Shark Navigator. This was sent to me by the company as a thank you product to review, if I chose to, after attending a social media event Euro Pro hosted in New York City in September 2009. Steam cleaning has always appealed to me as an alternative to using chemical cleaners, which is one reason I decided to attend the Euro Pro event. I’ve been very happy with my Shark Navigator but so has my housekeeper – which goes to show I am not writing some silly biased reviewed (do people do that)!

Currently, I’ve been reviewing the Shark Steam Pocket Mop and the  Shark Hand Held Steamer, complements of Euro Pro. This means my house has been steamed from top to bottom and the products used extensively in my home!

steam pocketThe Shark Steam Pocket Mop the Good the Bad and Aint No Ugly Here:

  • Honestly there are ZERO cons to this pocket mop – thus far! The pros…
  • -Three different mop heads for corners, large areas and dusting. My favorite the corner head because it gets in the nooks and crannies!
  • -Holy, wow on the power cord – 30’ and compared with others I’ve tried this is a true blessing. It is so nice to not have to plug and unplug a steamer!
  • -Steam in 30 seconds and the juice just comes right up and onto the microfiber pad.
  • -A carpet glider for steam cleaning and killing those dust mites – a plus in our home with allergies. Something I aim to do weekly in my daughter’s room and I hope it is making a difference.

-The microfiber pads have washed and dried well.

-Quick and no leftover water residue. I’ve tried other products that leave my floor streaky and wet but I have not had this thus far with the Shark Steam Pocket Mop.

Portable Steam Pocket – Smooch! Smooch!

I hate my wooden blinds! Okay, I love how they look but they’re a pain in the neck to clean; which is why I jumped up and down for a chance to try this portable steam pocket by Euro Pro. Thank goodness they allowed me the opportunity to review this product and sent it to me complimentary. Like all things that I review I read the instructions, reviewed the different uses and then got to work steam cleaning my blinds, counter tops, stainless steel appliances, cabinet faces and even my walls with finger prints all over them. I’m pretty sure my entire day on Sunday was comprised of steam cleaning and Thanksgiving Day shopping!

My two cents worth on the product, including some suggestions:

-I love how my blinds look and the product has many different uses, microfiber pads and ways to clean hard to reach places. I found it did an excellent job and my glass cook top and stainless steel looked fabulous.

-There’s just enough steam – it isn’t too wet leaving streaks.

-It even steamed my work pants for the next day and did a great job. While it is out, plugged in and steaming use it for as many things as possible.

-The microfibers washed and dried perfectly but it was suggested to replace them every three months.

-I wish the cord was longer and it was lighter – my hand and wrist started to ache. Maybe I just used it too much!

-There are lots of attachments and it is easy to use and figure out but for some people, it might just be too many choices! For the money I find it to be just right! You don’t have to use all the attachments but they are there if you decide you need them!!!

When it comes to being Green and Clean – saying no to the chemicals is a must whenever possible. Yes, I used electricity and packaging for the products but now they are here and I can clean over and over again with no cleaners or harsh chemicals – a money saver!


  1. Thanks for your review of the products. For the mop, how much water can it hold? How much cleaning before it needs a refill? The 30' cord does sounds really good! How smooth does this go when cleaning carpet? With the pad is doesn't look like it would glide well.

  2. Talking abt steam cleaning… We live in NY and a few weeks ago had my mattress, carpet and sofa steam cleaned (we have twins and a dog), you wouldn't believe the dirt and scum that came out of his machine straight into my toilet after he was done! I was apolled! They used green products, on the mattress he used something called “baby safe” and let me read the ingredient list. they are called “mr. green carpet care” and are highly recommended. That guy did a great job.


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