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Stop Littering. It’s really very simple, don’t throw your trash out the window or on the ground. It is astounding to me how many people do not care. In addition, it is not just littering, it is also about taking the time to recycle what can be recycled to prevent it from sitting in the landfills and being blown into our rivers, lakes and oceans.  It’s about deciding to not use plastic bags, to say no to the junk mail.

Alone I cannot save the world and in my little corner, not littering and recycling might not seem like a big deal or that it adds up to much. Except  if every reader out there made a conscious effort to do simple things like pick up a piece of trash they see on the ground, to recycle their cans and use reusable water bottles, it would add up.  Perhaps in your backyard, the problem of trash in our world does not look like a big deal but I invite you to look at these photos and watch this video and tell me if you feel differently.

I cannot imagine living in such waste but some people do and many animals and marine life have no choice. Ignorance is bliss. It’s easy to turn a blind eye but I invite you to do something because every little effort adds up and it also shows our children that we care about something bigger than just ourselves. This is why I’ve partnered with Stop Littering in an effort to share the message that all of us CAN do something.

Earth Day T-shirt Giveaway

Today is April Fool’s Day but it is no joke that I’m giving away FOUR Stop Littering t-shirts  to one lucky winner (winner chooses colors and sizes). The giveaway is for U.S. residents only and one winner will randomly be selected on Earth Day, April 22, 2016. Entry is EASY! Good luck! Together we can do this!

a Rafflecopter giveaway T-shirt Review

If you’re wondering why I’m loving the t-shirts enough to give them away, you’re crazy. The message alone is Help Spread the Message #StopLitteringwhy I love the shirts. They’re attention grabbing and adorable. They also show very quickly my opinion on littering and that it’s easy to make a difference, just don’t litter and if you see litter, PICK IT UP!

Before we wore the shirts, I washed them and not one of the shirts shrunk. BONUS!

In addition, the shirts are SUPER soft and comfortable. So much that I’m tempted to wear it to bed and stop any littering minions in my dreams.

So yes, I love the shirts enough to give them away but mostly I love the message they share and I hope you’ll consider supporting the message, buying a shirt and entering to win!



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