It’s scary to think that the peanut butter sandwich your child is eating, the spinach that’s in your salad, the hamburger your grilling for dinner, or the Tylenol you hope to take your headache away could be making you sick. We trust that the food and drugs we purchase are safe to consume; unfortunately the public has learned that’s not always the case.

It’s amazing what crucial information is concealed from consumers in order to make a buck. Luckily Meghan from MWW was kind enough to pass this vital information on to me so that our readers are kept informed.

Some of you may have heard but for those that haven’t it’s been brought to our attention that wood pallets used to transport our food, pharmaceuticals, and a host of consumer goods have been found to harbor bacteria and deadly pathogens – E. coli, Salmonella, and Listeria – that spread easily and endanger the foods we eat and the medications we rely upon.

CBS included in their report the findings from an independent consumer watchdog group, the National Consumers League. The NCL, one of the oldest and most respected consumer organizations in America, recently tested wooden and plastic pallets used by local grocery stores:

· 10% of the wooden pallets were contaminated with E. Coli

· 2.9% were contaminated with Listeria, and half of those were contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes- KNOWN TO BE DEADLY.

For more information, you may want read the full press release from the NCL or examine the test results and read the letter to the FDA.

If you feel this is important information and would like to take stand please take a minute to participate in the Food Safety Petition. Tell Congress you want them to pass stronger safety legislation to protect you and your family.

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