5 Tips for Storing Apples PLUS Healthy Apple Recipes

Apple season is one of my favorite times of the year. My sister just took my little ones apple picking and they brought home 21 pounds of yummy apples. Of course, they made a ton of caramel apples but what about the other 15 pounds of apples, how was I going to store them? If you go apple picking every year and wonder how to store your apples, I have some great pointers for you.

  1. Check all of your apples. If there’s a bruise or a nick, that apple needs to be used for your pie, apple butter or applesauce. Storing a rotten apple with good apples can cause your other apples to over-ripen quickly. Only store your good apples.
  2. Sort and separate apples. Large apples go bad faster than small apples. Eat the larger apples first. If your apple is tart and has thick sink, it will last the longest. Each apple variety has a different shelf life.
  3. Plastic bags are a no-no. Use baskets or crates to store your apples in. Apples emit ethylene, a gas that helps ripen fruit. Baskets and crates let the airflow around your apples, slowing down the ripening process.
  4. Think cool and dark. Put your apples in a root cellar, dark pantry or basement where it is cool, dark and there is good airflow. If you only have a few apples, your crisper drawer in your fridge works too.
  5. Inspect your apples regularly. Remember, one bad apple will cause the others to over-ripen quickly.

Happy apple season! Here are some delicious apple recipes you might enjoy!

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