When it comes to summertime treats my family loves my strawberry rhubarb pie. We grow our own rhubarb and it is just delicious. The stuff grows like weeds too! I try to buy organic strawberries locally but they do cost a pretty penny. For the kids, yes I might choose them but when I’m making four or five pies I just can’t break the bank! They’re $4.99 compared to $2.99 and that’s a big difference!

Most strawberries I purchase come from California but seeing that I’m from Michigan that means my strawberries travel a long ways to make it to my plate. Which is no big surprise because 88% of the nation’s strawberries come from California. There are 35,000 acres in California just for strawberries and each acre produces about 50,000 pounds of strawberries. That’s a lot of strawberries and if you figure that each strawberry has roughly 200 seeds that’s a lot of strawberry seeds! Try to see if your kiddos can guess how many seeds are in a strawberry!

I try to buy local when I can but my grocery store has strawberries from California on sale frequently. The pesticides worry me and strawberries are on the top 12 for the dirty dozen. So what’s a mom to do? If you choose to buy some of these ripe red strawberries that aren’t organic you might consider a good wash down and soak. That will remove more than 50% of the residue, if not more. I personally use a few drops of Basic H2 but some people use vinegar and lemon. Either way, wash your strawberries even if they are organic. Busy Mommy posted Oprah’s Veggie Wash recipe that might be worth checking out.

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Strawberries are a powerful fruit with antioxidants that contain more Vitamin C than an orange! They’ve may even be able to reduce the risk of heart disease and help fight some cancer. So make sure you get your red berries today! You can even use strawberries to help whiten your teeth!

I always advise to buy organic, when possible but either way eat fresh local fruit and wash, wash, wash those berries.There are hundreds of recipes for strawberries and ways to get you daily dose of them. In my home, we go through lots of strawberries and maybe next year I’ll attempt to grow some! My son even enjoys learning about the fruit and playing some great games over at Strawberryville online! How fun is that?

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