Is stress killing your holiday spirit?

I’m not feeling Christmas this year. I can’t put my finger on why. There might not be ONE reason to point to and blame.

In fact, I know there isn’t ONE reason. There are SEVERAL reasons.

And I’m going to share them with you. (Aren’t you lucky?)

It’s stressful. I already have a full schedule with work, kid’s activities, bills, chores, etc. Add holiday shopping, wrapping and decorating to the list. Holy hell, who has time for this??

It’s stressful. I’m playing Santa and I want to make sure my kid’s believe in the magic of the season. That’s a lot of pressure. To play a jolly, fat, Santa who makes dreams and wishes come true. Really? Who wants that job?

It’s stressful. I have pine needles everywhere and they hurt to step on. They’re also a pain in the ass to keep sweeping up. I actually stress about the dumb pine needles because now they’re added to my list of things to clean-up. My list is long enough without the pine needles.

It’s stressful. My kids have 16 days off of school. They’re excited. I’m not. I have to arrange child care and still juggle work. I’m positive I’ll hear, “I’m bored!” in the very near future.

It’s stressful. I suck at baking and I feel like I need to bake. My husband counts on it as he sits in his chair and I stand on my feet for 8 hours baking, cleaning, baking and cleaning. Cursing under my breath because nothing is turning out. Nothing looks like it does on Pinterest dammit!

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It’s stressful. Not only do I need to give gifts but I’m supposed to mail holiday cards. The ones that have a perfect family photo on it. First off, I don’t have a perfect family. Secondly, I need to schedule a photographer and coordinate our outfits – neither of which I’ve done. So yes, no holiday cards. I suck. Maybe next year.

It’s stressful. Where the hell are all the gifts going to go after Christmas? This is a serious problem. The gifts are opened and then BAM, I have to put everything away. This means I need to purge and make room. That takes time. Toy boxes do not purge themselves.

It’s stressful. The weight of keeping the family together, like my grandma did, is on my shoulders. I’m the oldest. I’m the one who hosts Christmas morning and Thanksgiving and the list goes on. It’s a lot and I’m happy to do it but I wish my grandma was here to host instead.

It’s stressful. Right after Christmas is my daughter’s birthday. Which means shopping for her birthday and planning her party, right on the heels of Christmas. I was not planning that one! It’s brutal.

It’s stressful. New Year’s is around the corner and do you know how much weight I have to lose? Too much and it’s my own damn fault. I’m gaining weight from all this stress, eating my bad baking and then I have to wake up and make a resolution to lose it all and work-out. WTH!

It’s stressful. I have to work but the kid’s have Christmas parties, concerts, plays, etc. All in one week and that means late nights, buying pretty dresses and not losing my mind.

Have you gotten the point? Christmas to me, is stressful or at least this year, it is. Of course, I’m being somewhat sarcastic. I have lots to be thankful and grateful for. I don’t have the stress of not being able to afford food, my bills or gifts for my family. I’m lucky, I know this and admit it. My stress is very self-centered and I might even put some of it on myself. (Cough, cough, like the baking and trying to make everyone happy). And the stress certainly displays first world problems. I get it. That doesn’t mean I don’t have these stressors, they’re mine, I own them. I do know they’re not earth shattering but when I step on a pine needle for the hundredth time, stand in line to spend more money on gifts and get a paper cut from wrapping presents – it feels earth shattering. (Just for one second.)

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Combating Holiday Stress

So you see, I’m not in the Christmas spirit. I might need to go back to Turks & Caicos or on a Disney Cruise again. That will cheer me up. Or just wake up, stop whining, have some spiked hot cocoa and freaking DEAL. Put on my Santa hat and get on with it because Christmas is here and I’m needed.

Like all moms, I’ll rally. I’ll smile and yes, it’s because of the spiked hot cocoa (and big marshmallows) but also because I do love Christmas and I have so much to be thankful for. I believe in the spirit of Christmas and its magic. Stress is just killing my holiday spirit this year but I’m telling myself to buck up buttercup!

If you can relate, even on some level, I’d love for you to comment. It makes me not feel so alone. You know? I’d love to hear how you combat the holiday blues and stress? Any tips?

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