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Memorial Day weekend is the start of many back yard BBQ’s and family visitors for my household. I live in an area that my dad calls, “God’s Country” and that my husband seldom wants to leave. Rolling hills, lush forests, golden sandy beaches, inland lakes and Michigan’s astounding Lake Michigan to cool off on a hot day and a small resort town for shopping and dinning – sounds like a tourist commercial! Well, to my family members living in the Detroit metro area my home seems to be the hotel and I’m the restaurant. I chuckle at this because as silly as it sounds and as much work as it can be I’m grateful for the visits and memories we make together. I only wish my waist line could appreciate all the cocktails, gooey smores and delicious food!
Luckily, this last weekend I had a new product that I was excited to try out and that yes was pitched to me but that aluminum foilnever made it to my door step so I happily went out and bought my own –Reynolds recycled aluminum foil. The foil is from 100% recycled aluminum foil and that’s sweet, even the box is from 100% recycled packaging! I try hard not to use any type of foil, wax paper or plastic wrap and just use my glass containers for storage but on weekends like Memorial Day weekend, I cannot avoid the left over’s and need for a product like Reynolds recycled aluminum foil. I also can’t have a product not work and be flimsy and rip easy and that was my only concern about the recycled aluminum foil but I was wrong. It worked wonderfully and I could even wash it and reuse it with no tearing.

When I began writing this post I was going to answer all of these questions about recycling aluminum foil and what to use it for and how it is recycled but after surfing the Reynolds recycled aluminum foil website I found a FAQ page that is easier to direct you to. No need to reinvent the wheel! Actually, if you head over to the website you can get a coupon and save on your next purchase of aluminum foil as well as enter to win $7,000 in “green” appliances! Reynolds has even teamed up with Sarah Snow who created Living Fresh on the Discovery Channel, a TV series on eating organic, composting and recycling. Sarah also serves on the Board of Directors for the Organic Center; a non-profit organization.  I’m impressed that this company as decided to choose such a great spokesperson verses a Hollywood celebrity to just boost their image but who isn’t a true advocate or role model.

For your next BBQ or when you decide you need to restock your aluminum foil give the 100% Reynolds aluminum foil a chance. For tips, coupons and details you might consider joining them on Facebook. The company going all out on social media for this green campaign and it’s got me impressed. I’m mostly impressed, however, that my numerous summer get cookouts will be a little more green with their new product.

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