I have to tell you this quick story because I think it’s fabulous, hopefully you agree. First I must include a brief synopsis of my cooking skills…well….I have none. I cut my self every time I even look at a knife, I burn toast, my noodles are always crunchy and I leave a trail of disaster behind me. This being said, the grocery store is not a familiar place to me.

I am very very lucky that I have a husband that loves to cook lavish meals and is most comfortable in the kitchen. My loving chef was out of town for a few days and didn’t leave me the usual, already prepared meals, so I had to step out of my comfort zone and enter the forbidden jungle aka the grocery store. I pondered the meals preparation and desired outcome all day. Even though I wrote out my list it still took a while to find my desired ingredients and make it to the check out line.

Once I arrived at the check out line of our local supermarket, Glen’s, I was pleasantly surprised at what I saw. I didn’t see the typical candy laden isle. The isle was stocked with banana’s, apples, Clif Bars, almonds and other healthy choices. I don’t know if the motivation to change their isle’s was based on the publicity surrounding the billions of dollars that go into the marketing of junk food vs. health food or if they just decided to take a stand. Whatever their reason I must say I am very pleased with their decision. I voiced my pleasure to the attendant and now to you.

I would love to hear if your local supermarkets are doing the same or if it is just my inexperience in the grocery store setting. Hopefully your local markets are taking a stand and if not would you be willing to ask them to?

Phot Credit:     Image: Ambro / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image: Suat Eman / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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