This last summer I had a booth set up in my local community park for a big festival. I was giving out free information on non-toxic cleaning. It was a great event and educated a lot of people. While at this event I had the opportunity to be set up next to a nice group of gentleman raising money for their organization and selling hot dogs (I won’t even go off on that tantrum). During a slow stretch this older man came up to me and said that global warming was a big joke and asked if I really believed in it. I was shocked. Do I believe in it? Is it something you “believe” in? He said that it was the government trying to scare us and people trying to make more money and the facts and studies were being supported by “these” people.

I could have talked to him for hours and hours about how incorrect he was but really I am not in the business of convincing people. He has the right to his very wrong opinion and I have a right to my very correct opinion! This got me thinking more and more about how all we can do is advocate for change and policy reform and change what we individually do. Debating people about what they believe or don’t believe is a waste of time because the people that think the polar bears stranded on ice because of global warming are a doctored picture to fool us won’t be changing their minds or helping to rescue anybody but themselves!

The Environmental Defense Fund published an article pointing out that there are ten “movers and shakers” in congress doing something about global warming. I think we need to show government officials our support and start writing our local and state representatives to show how we feel. Movement is in the masses! Start today by signing this petition to support legislation that supports the four principals (a limit on global warming pollution, an inclusive trading system, a standard for biofuels, and winners chosen by market) for global warming action.

We can’t all do everything but folks we can do something! So do your something for today and help make a difference!!!

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