My good friends at Earth Mama Angel Baby reached out to me in an effort to help spread awareness for the Unacceptable Levels campaign. A campaign that supports the documentary exposing and educating the public on how unknowingly you and your children are being exposed to hundreds of synthetic chemicals. We have 80,000 chemicals in commerce, chemical concoctions sitting in pretty packaging and companies are allowed to do this. Sad and scary! We know babies are being born with more disease and problems than ever before, we also know that when testing umbilical cords for toxic chemicals babies are being born pre-polluted with over 200 toxic chemicals. That is not right in the day and age of modern chemistry, healthier and safer options and laws that can be in place to protect the consumer and the environment. I’ve written about this before, in fact years ago several fellow “green mom” bloggers flew to D.C. to make a documentary about this same issue but unfortunately it was only produced in Canada.

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As a Healthy Child Healthy World Ambassador and a mother of two I’m happy to support this cause and hope the documentary is produced and shared with the world. I’d love to see this come to light and glad that where some of us green mom bloggers left off years ago in Washington D.C. can finally come to light here in America.

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