We sometimes live in a bubble! We have our daily schedules, responsibilities, to-do lists, stress, work and bills. To think of our daily actions impacting others – we’ll it can be overwhelming. One more thing to feel guilty about, worry about and stress about! Does it really matter if you don’t recycle that tin can, if you took an extra long shower, cranked the heat up, drove a few extra miles to listen to your favorite song or if that shampoo that goes down the drain is full of toxic chemicals? Does it really matter you wonder?

It depends. All of us living in our own bubbles and making choices without thinking of others can add up and yes have an impact. Perhaps this is why we have some of the environmental challenges that face our planet? Unsafe water, pollution, endangered wildlife, global warming, increased asthma linked to climate and health issues, deforestation and the list goes on. Just visit the National Resource Defense Council, The Environmental Protection Agency or Healthy Child Healthy World for more information, facts and opinions related to these environmental and health issues. Just becoming more aware of the issues at hand, the facts and how we’re all part of the problem and the solution is eye opening. When I look at my children playing outside, enjoying the water, smelling the fresh air and I know I want to do more so that my grandchildren and future generations can enjoy these same beautiful wonders.

You see, I’m not perfect. Far from it and sometimes I live a less than sustainable lifestyle but when I look at the overall picture of how I live my life I feel I know we’re doing pretty well but yes, we could do better. Couldn’t we all do something extra today? I know I can!

3 Simple Ways to Live More Sustainable

This doesn’t mean you can never take the extra long hot shower or to live more sustainable you have to have solar panels or ride your bike every day – though you could certainly go that route and super cool if you do {virtual high five} but you don’t have to go extreme. Actually, you might be surprised how simple it is to make simple everyday choices that have less of environmental impact – which benefits all of us!

  1. Buying Choices. Choose energy star when buying electronics or your holiday lights this year, for example. Choose Energy Star light strings available at most hardware stores.
  2. Appliance Upgrades. If you need a new refrigerator or washer and dryer look for that energy star and you’ll save money on your electric bills, help the environment AND you might receive a tax credit {check with you accountant}.
  3. Installation. If you’re like me and you like to crank up the heat make sure that you’re not heating the outside for the squirrels! Add extra installation to your attack, seal up any cracks where you feel those cold drafts.

Take the pledge to live a more sustainable life {not to give up your hot showers} with Smarter Life Better Planet and see just how easy it is. No extra stress to add to your already overwhelming life – just simple choices that will help you and the environment. I promise it is not hard and you’ll actually receive special incentives, deals and offers that will continue to make living more sustainable easier!

Now, I’m curious. Tell me how you can create a smarter life and better planet, and encourage positive change for generations to come. Comment below to be entered to win a Haier Energy Star Dehumidifier! Official Contest Rules.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Haier. The opinions and text are all mine. Official Contest Rules.

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